William's now at LCRA!!!

Hey Gang,
Instead of trying to let the word out individually to each of you I figured a good ole blog entry would get to the majority of my friends. The big news: After a year of application process (interviews, background checks, and paperwork) I have finally been hired by LCRA. I'll be working security for them here in Austin with some sweet state benefits and a professional paycheck, even more than I was making being a security supervisor for that fruit computer company ;-). Better hours, more time off and excellent training. I'll basically be a police officer lite (yes, I'll carry a gun and all sorts of fancy toys that make people go "owie"and maybe even a take home truck!) and I'll be at the very top of the security industry.

If you are interested check out what we do:


  1. Congrats, man! Seriously!

  2. Awesomeness, and nice blog tags to boot :D


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