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Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Movies from 2000-2011 #1) - Recently finished the novel, so I wanted to check this out. It's a damn good movie, dark and harrowing and does a pretty good job adapting a very complex narrative into a film. That said, I did find myself missing some of the complexities of the stories and characters from the book, so if you liked the movie, check out the book. I think it's better. Still dug it, though, and planning to watch the next two and the American remake. 3/5

Beverly Hills Cop (Old Favorite #1) - While I was sick, I had a weird urge to watch this again. It's a pretty solid action comedy, and I really liked the '80s meets Motown soundtrack, the banter between Eddie Murphy and the Beverly Hills cops, etc. It holds up nicely. 4/5

The Hangover (Old Favorite #2) - This has become one of my "comfort food" movies, so I watched it while I was sick too. Even though I've seen it enough times that I don't laugh out loud much, I still like all the beats, all the music and the chemistry that the main characters have. I also watched the unrated version for the first time, and there are actually a couple good scenes that didn't make the theatrical cut. 4/5

True Grit (Film You've Never Seen #1) - Loved the first half hour, very happy with the last half hour, thought the middle got a little slow but in general the first Coen Brothers film I've loved the first time I saw it, rather than needing a re-watch. Beautifully shot, great performances, especially by Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld. 5/5

Source Code (Film You've Never Seen #2) - I actually dug it a little more than Moon, even though (or maybe because) it's less cerebral. But it is fairly smart for a thriller, does that Phillip K. Dick thought experiment type thing, and while I thought the ending bordered on being a betrayal of the premise, in general I was really happy with this. 4/5

Attack the Block (Your Choice #1) - After a lot of hype, and despite a bland trailer, I decided to catch this with friends on Friday night, and... it's over-hyped. It's a solid little aliens vs. thugs flick, with a great design for the monster and pretty well-done 14- and 15-year old characters, but it lacked the humor or the inventive spark that made, say, Shaun of the Dead work. 3/5

Heat (Films Starring Robert DeNiro #1) - It's been a while since I've watched this one, and I still love it. I'd forgotten a few folks in the star-studded cast (Natalie Portman, a brief cameo by Xander Berkeley), and had forgotten a few of the twists and turns as well. It's a long, methodical film, but I think it's maybe Mann's best. I can't quite call it perfect, as Mann's male-female relationships never quite seem as strong/believable as his macho men bonding, but it's damn close. 4/5

Goodfellas (Films Starring Robert DeNiro #2) - I saw this in the theater in college and loved it immediately, and nothing has changed in the intervening 20 or so years. Great cinematography, fantastic use of voice-over, great cast, really memorable scenes that range easily from darkly funny to horrific and back again. With all due respect to The Godfather, this is my favorite mob movie ever, and one of my favorite movies ever. 5/5

Green Hornet (Film You've Never Seen #3) - Wow. That was *terrible*. I was hoping that despite the bad buzz, the few folks I knew who liked it were right and it was a Shadow-style cheesy but fun outing. It's not. It's stupid as hell. Boring, bad action, bad characters, *terrible* acting by Rogen and the actor playing Kato, no real plot to speak of... the car is kinda cool, but aside from that, it's a failure on every possible level. 1/5

My Updated List:
3 films you've never seen
-Source Code
-True Grit
-Green Hornet

3 films that are "Old Favorites" that you haven't watched in a some time
-Beverly Hills Cop
-The Hangover
-Big Lebowski

3 films starring the same actor (Robert DeNiro)
-The Godfather Part II

3 films from 2000-2011
-Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
-Black Swan

3 films of your choice
-Attack the Block
-State of Play
-The Man Who Knew Too Little


  1. I was wary of a remake of True Grit, one of the few westerns I actually really like, but it sounds like I may want to check it out.

  2. Totally disagree on Attack the Block. I thought it was funny throughout, and the major plot element involving why the aliens were attacking was pretty inventive. I loved it.

  3. I semi-seriously wonder if Mann might be a closeted gay guy. He always seems more interested in manly bonding than anything between guys and chicks.


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