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The Perfect Score (2004) #1 Starring the Same Actor - Scarlett Johansson -
A fun, light, stupid comedy about how a group of kids all vying to be something in their post high school lives, flunk their SATs. In response, they decide to break into the building that houses the SAT tests and steal the answers to seal the deal on their respective futures. It's a bit Breakfast Club meets typical 2000's stupid comedy, but there's some heart in there too, which makes it pop. Plus it stars two of the current Avengers roster! 3/5

Usual Suspects (1995) #1 Old Favorite that I haven't Seen in Awhile -
Damn. Good. Movie. Even 16 years after the fact, this movie holds up in almost every regard. The cast is brilliant, the story is fantastic, the score is memorable and in your face...And did I mention that the cast is brilliant? Still one of my all time favorites. 5/5

Season of the Witch (2011) #1 Movie You've Never Seen Before -
Well, my Nicolas Cage obsession continues, this time forcing me to watch a meandering, bore of a movie that I thought would never end. The characters are bland and one dimensional, the "villain" is meh and the effects I thought were pretty lame. Really though, you would think that Cage would have fun playing one of God's Soldiers during The Crusades...but he doesn't. 1/5

The Town (2010) #1 Film from 2000-2011 -
Ben Affleck always surprises me with his ability to direct. He's like the polar opposite of Kevin Costner, as when Affleck merely stars in a movie, it's usually horrible, but when he directs and stars, there's something there. Really, The Town is a traditional crime caper wrapped up in Boston-ese, i.e. really heavy accents. Nothing really original, but the characters are compelling and there are some really neat robbery scenes that are intense. That stuff elevates the film quite a bit. 4/5

The American (2010) #2 Film from 2000-2011 -
An interesting, slightly slow, but evocative film that shows what you can do with a smaller budget. Clooney actually goes against his usual mold here with a character that is not super likable. The result is a film about an assassin that feels a little like The Killer in many respects. I would suggest not seeking this one out if you happen to be sleepy though. Not perfect by any means, but a solid film. 3/5

Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008) #2 Starring the same actor - Scarlett Johannson -
A funny, sexy, beautifully human romp. Woody Allen, despite being a poor excuse for a human being, really does know how to make a damn fine movie. Javier Bardem was so good in this and the two female leads were very striking. I even liked Penelope Cruz, a person I usually despise on general principle. 4/5

Mortal Kombat (1995) #1 of 3 films of your choice -
Such a stupid movie, but I do love it so. I haven't seen it in years, and really, it doesn't hold up extremely well. The FX is pretty bad, but the fight scenes are decent and I love the soundtrack. Gets me all riled up for a good fight. Also, much of the movie is simply hilarious. 3/5

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) #2 of Films that You've Never Seen Before -
A harsh...No scratch that, extremely harsh, movie. But it's very well done. The acting is great, the filming is fantastic, and the story was very engaging to the point that the murder mystery got under my skin. I can see why some people are put off by it, but I am very happy that I saw it. 4/5

Pitch Black (2000) #2 of One of My Old Favorites that I Haven't Seen In Awhile -
Loved this the first time that I saw it in theaters...But I hadn't gone back to it in years. In fact, I think I've watched the sequel Riddick at least three times. I have no idea why that is. That said, this movie about a transport crash landing on a doomed planet infested by dark loving aliens is still creepy and action packed. Diesel gets to have a lot of fun and I think that there is a ton of originality at play here. 4/5

Lincoln Lawyer (2010) #3 of Films that You've Never Seen Before -
A very mediocre film based off a decent book by Michael Connelley. Matthew Mcconaughey turns in a fairly flat role as a "down with his bad self" lawyer and the story follows all of the traditional thriller beats. I liked seeing William H. Macy, but I wouldn't recommend this one. 2/5

Poltergeist (1982) #2 of Films of Your Choice -
It had been awhile since I'd seen this one, pretty much since I was a wee lad, but I decided that it was time...And it was glorious! Tobe Hooper crafted a fantastic film with the help of Spielberg. Great characters, inventiveness in the actual filming of it, and the performances from a great cast really cement this as one of those movies that stands the test of time. 4/5

Fright Night (2011) #3 of Films from 2010-2011 -
I really had fun with this one. It may not outdo the original, but it does it justice none the less. Fun score, good acting, great special effects and just the right bit of camp. It felt like a return to classic 80's horror, and considering we don't get that too often these days and instead get torture porn or stupid slasher flicks, I'm all for it. 4/5

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) #3 of Films of Your Choice -
Saw this in theaters and really enjoyed it. Liked it even better the second time. Based on a Philip K. Dick short story, this one is really just a romance wrapped up in a sci-fi veneer. What sets it apart though is Matt Damon turning in a great performance as a up and coming Senator who's a bit of a bad boy. That and Emily Blunt is rather hot. All in all, a fun flick that is well put together. 4/5

Moulin Rouge (2001) #3 of One of My Old Favorites that I Haven't Seen In Awhile -
Not as good as I remember it being, but I really enjoyed the music in this one. It's catchy, psychedelically appealing with Baz Luhrman's traditional insanity, and I always found it cool that Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sang their own parts. They're both very good. Still, the story is a bit bland and a little bit choppy. 3/5


  1. The Town looked pretty good in trailers, so I'm glad to hear it held up.

  2. I really liked The Town, and since it's on HBO HD on Demand, I might slot that in as my last personal choice movie.

    Also totally concur on Usual Suspects... one of my favorite crime flicks of all time.

  3. what you are saying about Girl With the Dragon Tattoo means I may not watch it. Movies like that tend to make me really angry. On the plus side, I do love me some Pitch Black- easily the best film Vin Diesel has made, for what that's worth.

  4. Pitch Black is great. It was such an awesome start for Vin Diesel - basically, his "Terminator" - but he didn't continue to make good film choices the way Arnie did. It's too bad. I think he could've been the equal of Arnold, not the second rate version he's become.

    And, Nick, why the Penelope Cruz hatred? I haven't ever seen her in anything, so I'm just wondering if you hate her performances or she's, like, famous for drowning kittens.

  5. Yeah, Dan, I don't know. It might not be the movie for you.

    And yes, Pitch Black hits that horror/sci-fi extravaganza that is rare and so welcomed.

    And Dave, I can't really say for sure where my Penelope Cruz hatred stems from. It might be one of those irrational hatred things. I have just never really found her attractive, nor have I found that she has great range as an actress.


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